Titânio Produções has been based on Rio de Janeiro since 2006. Focused on production and post-production of short and feature films, documentary and fiction, in cinema, television and multi-media.

Titânio has co-produced and post-produced more than 30 features, several tv shows, and other types of media. Among its latest work, it’s the feature "Mato Sem Cachorro", released in 2012, hitting the mark of more than one million admissions. It also post-produced the Oscar-nominated documentary "Waste Land", which also received several awards in Berlim and Sundance. Other works includes the documentaries "Devoção" by Sérgio Sanz; "Corpo do Rio" by Izabel Jaguaribe and Olívia Guimarães; "Cildo" by Gustavo Rosa; among others. Also, the fictions: "A Falta que Nos Move" by Cristiane Jatahy, "Malu de Bicicleta" by Flávio Tambellini; among others.